Thursday, August 1, 2013

July 28th - Camping Weekend

Sun: Chili - vegetarian
     chips & salsa
     french bread

M:  eat out

T:  pizza

W:  Cucumber Tomato Sandwich - with pita pocket instead of tortilla
    Cantaloupe or watermelon

Th: Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich
     Fresh fruit and veggies

Fr: Camping Haystacks  - with taco meat instead of canned chili
Sat: Breakfast:  Dutch oven Monkey Bread

   Potluck Lunch:  Turkey Burgers
                           Cookie Crispy Treats
                          Oatmeal Bars

     Dinner:  Curly dogs 
                 corn on cob
                 baked beans

Camping Snacks: Granola Bars - if I get around to making them

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