Friday, July 27, 2012

Menu 7/29


Su:  pizza - didn't make it last week
          using bread machine dough

M: chili - from freezer (gluten free)
   tortilla chips

T:  Family Manicotti  (vegetarian)
    green vegetable (broccoli or green beans)

w: Chicken Fajita Quesadillas

Th: Panini (vegetarian)
       cucumber salad (new recipe)

Camping weekend
Fr: Salmon
      Veg medley (potatoes, summer squash, etc cooked in foil packet)
       dinner rolls or rice

   Breakfast: Blueberry pancakes

   Pot luck Lunch: Hot dogs -
             I'm in charge of desserts
                             zucchini brownies (never made before)
                             Carmel butter pecan bars (for those that don't like the other.  also new recipe)

    Dinner: club house grill sandwiches - using pie irons
                 baked beans

Extras: zucchini bread
                    freezing corn: because i have a lot
                     freezer cucumbers (new recipe)

Review of last weeks:

  • BLT Salad was very good. The dressing was a bit thick and I didn't use all of it. 4 stars
  • Chicken Pasta was so-so. The only flavor I tasted was thyme (not my favorite). I would have used basil instead but I outsourced the seasoning to hubby. 2 stars
  • Hawaiian burgers were good but they are delicate and not sure they are worth all the work.  3 stars.
  •  The coleslaw was a good basic dressing.  I let mine sit for several hours in the fridge.  I would use again. 3.5 stars
  • The grape jello thing was super quick and easy.  Very cute.  I did 6 custard cups instead of 4 6oz glasses.  2year old loved it, 4 year not very much.  3 stars.
  • Potato salad. Pretty quick for potato salad.  I don't really like rosemary (kind of like thyme) so I used parsley on the potatoes and basil in the dressing.  I think this tasted better warm than cold.  Not sure I would make again. warm 3 starts/cold 2 stars
  • The orange chicken was ok.  But there is a different one that we like better. 3 starts.


  1. Any idea how long the freezer cucumbers will keep? I have a lot right now from our CSA. ~HPL

    1. I don't know for sure. My guess is 6 months in a regular freezer maybe longer in a freezer chest.