Saturday, August 18, 2012

Menu for the Week of August 19 2012

This week seemed challenging because it's just me and the kids.  I don't want to have a ton of leftovers so I'll be making some half recipes. Enjoy


Su: Spaghetti (H's choice)

M: Caramelized Beef Skewers (still new - didn't make last week)
    salad or zesty grilled veg
T: Pizza night at church followed by reptiles and amphibians (not for eating)

W: Perfect BBQ Chicken (new recipe)
      salad -
      corn on cob

     *cook extra plain chicken for tomorrow*
Th: Enchilada Pasta Bake (new recipe)
            I plan to split this into 2 8x8 pans and freeze one for later

Fr: Glazed pineapple chops (new recipe)
     rolls (i would do rice but J comes back from China)

Sa: club sandwich (new recipe)
      3 bean salad

extras: freezer hash browns (new recipe)
           chocolate chip-zucchini bread (new recipe)

           Will also be freezing corn, green beans, wax beans, and maybe summer squash. www. tells you how to freeze most veggies.

Last Week Review:

  •  Firecracker Chicken  Since it was just me and the kids I left the pepper flakes out of it so it wouldn't be spicy for them.  4 year old liked it a lot and had 3 servings.  4 stars
  • Taco Soup.  This was OK.  Mostly I liked it because I got to use my new fancy slow cooker.  My 4 year old (who says she doesn't like soup) ate it.  I had a lot left over since it was just me and 2 little kids so I put what was left in the freezer for another time.  3 stars
  • Grilled cheese. I always think it's nice when you can gussy up grilled cheese without much effort.  4 stars

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