Thursday, August 30, 2012

Week of September 3rd Menu


Su: Pizza (new recipe)
           I'm always looking for a really good easy crust recipe.  We'll see if this is it.
M:  Labor Day!  No big BBQ Party plans for us but we will surely us the grill.

     Grilled Salsa Chicken (new recipe)
      Grilled New Potato Packet (didn't make this last week)
       Maybe Cucumber Salad because I have so many
T: Cheese Burger and Fries Kabobs (new recipe)
      Cucumber salad if we didn't have it on Monday or Coleslaw
W: Kitchen sink quesadillas 
               I usually skip the lettuce part because I usually want dinner ready as quick as possible.  However, it's very good with if you are feeling up to it.  Sour cream is also a nice choice but obviously not the healthiest.

Th: California-sun Turkey Sandwich (new recipe)
       Fried Zucchini (new recipe)
            These just look so gosh-darn yummy.
FrChicken-almond Stir-fry (new recipe)
Sa: Slow Cooker Lasagna (new recipe)
              This is a new recipe but it's Betty Crocker and lasagna, how can it go wrong?!

Extras: Pineapple Zucchini Bread


Last Week Review:

  • BLT Pie was more quiche like than I expected.  I didn't really read the directions until I made it and I thought the Bisquick portion would be more like a crust/biscuit dough.  3 stars
  • Oriental Salad was very good.  The bit about using your stand mixer to shred chicken, AMAZING!  Although I just put it on lowest setting for just a few seconds.  I many never use 2 forks for that again 4 stars
  • Egg wraps were good although I didn't follow the recipe.  I made mine in a skillet and added green pepper and cheese, of course.  Topped with tomato before wrapping it up.  4 stars
  • Ultimate Steak didn't get made this week.  The meat is in by freezer so I will most likely use it for something else.
  • Taco Salad was quick and easy.  4 stars

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